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Hey Converve, how long does it take?

You are sitting in an important meeting about event planning and your colleague interrupts with a question: “How exactly are we going to organise the B2B matchmaking event?” Uh oh, he’s got a point. But immediately you know there’s only one possible answer and answer nonchalantly: “We’ll use Converve of course – they need two weeks tops!”

Two weeks for setup – but start thirteen weeks before the event

We’re offering you much more than an events website, registration tool and mobile apps: Converve offers a comprehensive package. For this reason, you are also giving your attendees something more, namely precious time for our networking approach, which includes a one to one service. This is how the exciting countdown towards a smooth meeting works. 

Countdown to Zero Hour

13 weeks
Both parties sign a contract and immediately we’re up and running as a team. In addition, you fill out a simple form that secures the planning of your event.

11 weeks
We have created your events page. Now you can upload your banners, change the background colour and add in content and keywords. Your important event is live on the web. 

10 weeks
The events marketing phase begins. You have the green light to go ahead with a targeted email campaign. At the same time, attendees can start to register on your reliable web page.

6 weeks
Did we say “Networking”? Send reminders, follow-up emails and respond to help requests. Then watch the fluid motion of networking in action. 

4 to 5 weeks
Your attendees can comfortably agree on dates, thanks to Converve: manage enquiries and send out personal agendas to your attendees.

Zero Hour
We have lift off – it’s time for your networking event! Meticulous prior planning and specifically tailored platforms work their magic: the event runs smoothly for you and your attendees.

One week later
With Converve follow up work is not a chore but fun! Throw yourself into the evaluation and follow up process: use online questionnaires to check your attendees’ levels of satisfaction, make the most out of a successfully executed event.

Trust the hands-on customer service provided by our experienced team. We can always be contacted: by phone, email and even in person (your colleagues will never have to worry about B2B matchmaking again!).