Event Sponsoring: 37 Creative Ideas for Event Managers

For a long time now, event sponsoring hasn’t just been a mere accessory. Many events live from offering an attractive environment for sponsors and partners. Here are 37 exciting sponsoring ideas for your event.

Fairs, conferences and events offer excellent opportunities to reach target audiences personally. Such decision makers are often unable to reach via classic media and only insufficiently and one-dimensionally via online advertising. 

Event sponsoring is therefore a great opportunity for brands to present themselves live. But pure logo placement is not so interesting, as sponsors are looking for something special, they are looking for exclusivity.

The best alternative is a win-win-win situation: the sponsor wins, the event organizer wins and the visitors win, as they get the added value. 

We originally posted this in July 2016, and because your interest in this topic is even bigger, we are updating it with even more ideas.

Have you already thought as an event planner about the following offers for your event? 

1. A great idea on how startups can be presented at a trade fair was implemented at the Zukunft Personal 2017 (EN: Future Personnel) trade fair. Companies had small stands in the Startup Village and were presented in 15-20-second pitch-clips on a web-based platform – pitch as pitch can! https://jobsaround.tv/zp17/start-up-village/ 

2. Video is a media of communication that is unavoidable for event managers. The NEOCOM trade fair for digital commerce presents newly registered exhibitors in pictures and/or videos on their social media channels. 

3. Livestreaming is becoming more and more popular and adds a real-time experience to a trade fair. Thanks to Facebook Live, YouTube Livestreaming and Periscope, you don’t need masses of hardware to do it either! The livestream sponsor reaches further viewers and contacts by being live on site at the event. With the software Wirecast, it’ll be a piece of cake.

4. The social media platform Snapchat had its breakthrough last year and now has over 300 million users worldwide. Almost a third of these users are under 34 years of age. If your event appeals to such a target audience, branded geo-filters are a good sponsoring platform.  

5. The startup conference Bits and Pretzels in Munich goes its own way with its networking program. It takes place parallel to the Oktoberfest – an ideal networking environment! Each table at the Oktoberfest has a table captain whose task is to moderate the discussion and networking at that table – a great opportunity for sponsors to incorporate themselves with added value!

6. Facebook Cover Videos: Do you run your own Facebook page? Probably, right? One of the latest updates includes the possibility to save a video instead of a profile static picture – a great platform for event sponsors to present themselves. Here is a nice example of a cover video from Hello Social: www.facebook.com/hellosocial

7. With its “Follow me to AGRITECHNICA” project, the event organizer, Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft DLG (EN: German Agricultural Society) set new standards in its exhibitor presentation. Prior to the event, presenter ‘Gesa’ and her camera team visited the ‘heroes of agricultural tech’ and their development departments. This whetted the appetite of trade fair visitors and puts the exhibitor in a great light. By the way, the matchmaking done at AGRITECHNICA was organized using the Converve platform. 

8. Visitor Survey: Almost every trade fair or congress does a participant survey. This helps them to reach an interesting target group. Why not offer sponsors the opportunity to integrate their own question(s) into the survey? This enables interesting findings to be won and generates sales leads via whitepapers downloads etc. 

9. Gamification: Dreamforce and Dreamfest are two of the most successful and spectacular events worldwide. Not only does the organizer Salesforce have one of the best sponsorship brochures ever, they also pursue innovative solutions in their sponsorship offering. For example, Trailhead Quest, an interactive game whereby participants need to go to different ‘stations’ to win a prize – of course, with the support of sponsors. 

10. Have you already thought about having an Eyelash Bar or a Festival Face and Body Design? Salesforce has! This enables you as a sponsor to have your logo painted onto your Dreamforce conference participants as a temporary tattoo (see page 38 of the Sponsorship prospectus).

11. Event personas: Numbers, data and facts about the target audience are important. Potential sponsors can place themselves in the perspective of their target audience even better if you work with personas. This is again something you can learn more about from Salesforce (see page 3 of the sponsorship prospectus).

12. Nothing annoys event participants more nowadays than empty batteries. ING Belgium offered visitors of music festivals lockable mobile charging lockers – stress free charging, so to say!

13. Visitors to the European Pirate Summit were able, in exchange for a returnable security deposit, to borrow a portable power pack from Simyo to load their mobiles. Nice idea!  

14. Using the motto “Moobile”, mobile network provider EE offered 4G hotspots at the Glastonbury Festival – in the shape of cows! A very eye-catching and unusual alternative!

15. The exact opposite for Kit Kat: “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”, whereby Kit Kat set up No Wi-Fi Zones. All mobile and Wi-Fi signals were blocked in a radius of 5m, allowing people to chat in complete peace and quiet.


16. Another cool idea from ING Belgium: Visitors of the music festival were able to use a contingent of free parking spaces that were sponsored by ING. This can also work at fairs and conferences! And there is ING Priority Access at many festivals, which allows ING customers first access to the venue.

ING Priority Access @ Palais 12 from Eventattitude on Vimeo.

17. Post-Its attract attention – particularly when they are stuck to the mirrors of conference participants’ rooms! One advertising space that will definitely catch everyone’s eye!

18. Trade fair and congress participants need to sit down at one point. Why not sit on a bench that is packed in bubble wrap? If the logistics provider’s logo is added to it, this is definitely sponsoring that grabs people’s attention. https://creativepool.com/magazine/inspiration/26-creative-guerilla-marketing-examples.2313

19. Logos made of ice are fleeting – the impression they make at an evening event however lasts much longer. As for example at the CES in Las Vegas:

20. Tasty: Apples with the sponsor’s logo on them! They don’t need to be grown especially.

21.  A huge Pop-Up store makes a huge impression at an open-air event! 

22.  People love to stage and present themselves at events. The Sharing Box is an ideal way to do so and can also be labelled with the sponsor’s logo..

23. A goody bag for participants is of course always a good idea. If you link these with getting participants to Tweet or post something on Facebook to get one (like here), then this generates a lot of attention for the event too.

24. A photo wall decorated sponsor’s products creates a high level of attention. Here’s an example at Veuve Clicquot Polo Classics in Los Angeles.

25. How about a tasty muffin in the sponsor’s colors? Yummy!!


26. You can simply project the sponsor’s logo onto a white wall – or you use a wall of white orchids! As seen at Decléor in New York:


27. A Twitter wall with the event hashtag is common practice. A balloon that gets bigger with every event tweet is however something more unusual! AT&T used this at its event, as you can see here.

28. A logo wall is boring – unless you design like this one here:


29. Does your event venue have a pool? Then why not try a floating logo, like this one: 


30. No participant expects a live Vogue cover. This is of course possible with a large amount of other partner publications. 


31. For some reason it always goes down well when people take pictures of themselves with huge bow ties, glasses, beards or similar objects in front of their faces. Why not integrate the sponsor’s logo too, like here with Facebook

32. Does your audience love music? A branded guitar pick will definitely become a collectable.


33. Music in general! A great, interactive tool for conferences and fairs is the Mash Machine. Your guests can intuitively mix their own music – you can place a sponsor logo and even integrate the sponsor’s jingle!! 

34. Sponsoring packages can also be categorized differently than just gold, silver, bronze, as you can see here: 


35. A games lounge, classically with table tennis and table soccer, or electronic, invites guests to relax and chill. A nice environment for sponsor branding and you can also organize competitions, awarding prizes from the sponsors.

36. The Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago had a wide range of creative sponsoring ideas, including branded Segways, used by promotors to hand out info flyers and giveaways. At 8,000 Dollars however this isn’t exactly a bargain…

37. Even B2B matchmaking and Networking at an event can be sponsored. The Converve B2B Matchmaking Software offers branding possibilities leading up to organizing an appointment that can be linked to eye-catching branding at the event (e.g. on networking tables). This offers you a well-rounded, complete package! Would you like to find out more? We have a wide range of ideas for you on how you can offer matchmaking and networking for sponsoring!


The possibilities are endless – creativity knows no boundaries! What was the most impressive sponsoring or branding that you’ve ever seen? We look forward to exchanging ideas with you here, or on our Converve Facebook channels, Twitter or Instagram!