Event check-in using a QR barcode: It’s fast and effective with Converve

With Converve’s events platform you can plan your trade fairs, conferences and meetings quickly and easily. As well as managing participants, you can carry out the registration process for a specific event. The Converve platform offers the opportunity to scan tickets using a QR barcode, which significantly reduces the wait time for your guests.

Successfully register in just three steps

Actual registration of participants can be carried out in three steps and normally takes no longer than a few seconds

1) Firstly, each of the participants in your event receives their own personal ticket, complete with barcode, by email.

2) On the day of the event, the ticket and barcode are scanned simultaneously as part of the on the spot registration process

3) Your participant receives his name badge.

The registration process is complete.

Advantages for event planning

As well as a fast on the spot check-in, there are further advantages:

on the one hand, this provides an effective controlled entry system; on the other, event planners can also carry out post event analysis and monitor specific sessions more easily.

Furthermore: Converve’s software can facilitate the acquisition of data that is already available on participants. For this there is a wide choice of APIs.

Look at the following example from Arrow University in 2015 to see just how quick and smooth the event check-in process is with Converve’s events platform.