About us

Since day one our heart has been beating for events, for technology and for a modern way of working. With Converve, we want to offer event planners the opportunity to make their events even more successful.

Why we do what we do

We are thrilled of events: Of their energy, of the opportunity to let people learn new things and meet new people, to create new initiatives and improve things, whether at UN conferences or at corporate events. Events create new things, change and progress. When people come together, unbelievable things can emerge.

By providing our platform and expertise that event organizers use to make their projects and dreams come true, we can contribute to this progress – and make the world a just a bit better.

Mark Kessels


Anja Engellandt

Sales Manager

Sören Gregor

Chief Technology Officer

Marc Sperfeld

Senior Software Engineer

Coen de Jong

Project Lead Manager

Sabrina Noesch

Creative Design

Yuri Engellandt

Online Marketing

Volker Albrecht

Graphics & Design

Claudia Gurcke

Finance Manager


Motivation Trainer

Our Story

For almost 20 years, we at Converve have been helping to make events an extraordinary experience. Nowhere else do you gather so many new experiences and helpful knowledge in such a short time. Whether at trade fairs, congresses, corporate events or festivals – at events we experience the moment together and that is what connects us. With us you don’t just work with any software. With us you work with a team that loves events.