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Hej! Low-Budget Event Design with 7 IKEA Products

IKEA is innovative, contemporary, internationally known and economical. Why not make the most of this potential to update outdated, standard equipment for your coming events? Use IKEA to breathe a breath of fresh air into your proven concept. Here is our IKEA Top 7 selection of items that can contribute to the success of your event or conference.

Still searching, or have you found what you were looking for?

It is with you at diverse events such as trade fairs, conferences or sessions: the event box. This box is the summated content of your experience as an event planner, containing things that contribute to the success of your event. This could be a range of things, depending on your wealth of experience and clientele: from paper clips and table displays, to an emergency bag of sweets.

Very frequently, the alleged “box” can contain a collection of cartons and bags of all sizes. In choosing your event box IKEA SAMLA including the lid is already a frontrunner. It is robust, stackable and comes in various sizes. As it doesn’t have any grip holes, its contents can be stored mostly dust and odor-free. The best thing about SAMLA is that it’s transparent, meaning you can recognize its contents quickly, avoiding sending boxes flying, frantically looking for the right thing. Using the suitable lids that are sold separately, the lid can be firmly attached to your SAMLA event box.

Table design at events: minimalistic but still well thought out

It can often be the case that very little table space, just about the size of a hand towel, is provided for participants at events. All the more reason to use that space economically. But how do you allow your conversation partners the maximum amount of space, whilst at the same time creating an individual atmosphere?

Our top favorite is a smart but affordable alternative to the conventional table display: the IKEA TOLSBY double-frame. Two transparent plastic inlays provide long-lasting protection of the inserted 10 x 15cm motif. You can find a template and design ideas by clicking on our service tip (link). If you want to add a bit more color to your table design, further colors are available, currently including red, blue, green and orange.

There is an increasing use of smartphones or tablets, replacing detailed print copies of online catalogues or product videos. The difficulty with this however is often finding the right device holder that not only holds the device, but also draws attention to the desired content. The IKEA ISBERGET Tablet holder could be the relief you were looking for. The tablet can be placed either at a light angle, or virtually vertically, allowing a more hands-free experience, facilitating display purposes or note-taking during a conversation, as well as pointing out individual facts and particulars.

So that conversation partners don’t lose track of time, you could also use the IKEA KLOCKIS alarm clock. As well as showing the time, by simply turning it, you can also see the temperature, as well as use the timer and the alarm setting. As with the TOLSBY double-frame, the clock comes in various fresh colors, providing colorful accents to your design.

The Service Desk as Added Value for your Conference or Daily Session

Surpassing just a place for coffee and biscuits, you can add value to your event using your service desk. As well as the typical giveaways such as pens or notepads, the desk offers space for lens cloths, tissue dispensers or the IKEA MALA gel pens. Thanks to their bright, fluorescent colors, they are ideal for notes, as well as highlighting important text excerpts.

A particular service that is definitely well received by participants is using a cell phone charger. Equipped with the suitable power strip, the IKEA KVISSLE charging station offers space for up to four adapters to give Apple or Android devices (Tablets or Smartphones) enough juice for your event. Depending on queues, it might be a could idea to have some adhesive notes nearby to label devices, avoiding any confusion later on pickup.

The IKEA All-rounder for your Event

Particularly flexible and versatile are the IKEA FINLIR acrylic picture frames. Whether on the service desk or conference table, with their 6 double-sided inlays, they offer ample space for creative ideas, as well as of course for table numbers, name plates and badges and diverse information about your event. You can fill the holder with 15×10 cm (w/h) content.

The IKEA VÄLBEKANT clipboard may appear inconspicuous at first glance, however reveals itself as a real all-rounder. You can not only use the clipboard to note important details by hand, you can also hang it using its loops, or use the integrated stand to transform it into a mobile info board or advertisement space. Equipped with respective A4 printouts, you could use it to e.g. point visitors in the right direction of your service desk and your charging station, or use it to quickly hang up selfie printouts of you and your participants.

Bottom Line

IKEA products are price-effective and colorful addition to your event. Items are versatile and offer ample room for design creativity.