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Converve Blogger Sabrina Noesch and her Project House No. 43: “Bloggers inspire each other”

If you are passionate about a certain topic, you want to be able to exchange with others about it. Sabrina Noesch from the Converve team has been doing just that since 2009 via her successful decoration and furnishings blog!

Companies, including Converve, rely a lot on content marketing to place their messages e.g. via blogs. The blogger movement however started much earlier. The first blogs appeared in the mid 90s. Today, the number of blogs online is estimated at between 170 and 200 million worldwide.

Many bloggers start an online journal because they are interested in a topic and want to network with like-minded others.

This is exactly how it was for Converve employee, Sabrina Noesch. She has been privately running Blog House No. 43 since 2009, living out her passion for table and interior decoration online. 

All the more appropriate that she is responsible for content and social media marketing for us here at Converve!

We spoke to her about her sources of inspiration, Instagram and what her reader’s comments and like mean to her.

What motivated you to start your own blog (House No. 43)?

Sabrina Noesch: “I had always been interested in the topic of decoration beforehand and came across a lot of really good decoration and furnishings blogs. At one point, just reading about it was too boring and I had recently discovered sewing for myself.

Inspired by my favorite blogs, I started House No. 43 and have been blogging ever since about decoration ideas and simple DIY how-to instructions. In my last blog entry for example, I covered summerly table decoration.”

You share a part of yourself via a blog and also get in touch with other like-minded people – also a type of networking. Have acquaintances or friendships been made via your blog?

Sabrina: “It of course takes some time – I’ve been doing this now since 2009 – until you are noticed in the constantly growing blog world, but it was important to me right from the start to incorporate my readers and subscribers. Reader’s comments don’t only inform me if my idea is well received, but also give me inspirations for new projects.

Sabrina Noesch: At Converve, she is also a frequent blogger, tweep, instagrammer and facebooker!

The exchange, or networking, also takes place with other bloggers, be it at blogger events like e.g. Blogst or at blogging workshops. The blogger community inspires each other and helps other well-known bloggers with guest entries.” 

How do you find the ideas for your blog posts?

Sabrina: “I get ideas actually from everywhere. Sometimes it’s a visit to a decorations shop, an interesting article in a magazine, or a simple glass that urgently needs an upgrade. The important thing is to stay true to your direction.

I love e.g. the color combination white/mint, my favorite motifs are stars. When I then discover something on Pinterest or Instagram that is in my direction, I gladly take the idea and process it later in a photo series or a DIY post.”

What exactly is your area of responsibility at Converve? Does your passion for blogging and social media help you in your daily work?

Sabrina: “At Converve my main area of responsibility is content and social media marketing. Particularly my experience in blogs, as well as Facebook and other social media can be applied here very well.

Especially in the last few years, a lot has happened in these segments and what applies today can already be old news tomorrow. That’s why an extended network is more important than ever before, not only to spread information, but also to keep informed.”

You’re also very successful on Instagram – what role does this network play for your blog? What do you particularly like about Instagram?

Sabrina: “Instagram is an important tool for House No. 43 in promoting current blog posts. When I post something new I also announce it at the same time on Instagram. I also like to use Instagram to post photos of my latest projects, allowing my users a ‘peek behind the scenes’. That way, my followers have an added value and their comments definitely influence the further design of my projects.

I like to call Instagram my ‘Mini-Blog’, although its importance is growing constantly, as you can quickly attract people worldwide with high quality photos. What I particularly appreciate about Instagram is the simple and uncomplicated way of sharing photos and videos, as well as the speed and number of comments and likes that motivate me and help me keep on top of my game.”

Sabrinas preference for white/mint colors is obvious on her Instagram-channel, too

Sabrina’s blog has now become a really large presence in the community. Decoration and furnishings enthusiasts know about House No. 43. This has also been picked up on by diverse companies in the industry, leading to Sabrina already winning companies such as Miomodo and Westwing as advertising and cooperation partners. 

A definite recommendation for all of you looking for a great source of inspiration for decoration and furnishings!